All pedicures include soaking the feet in a tub with a homemade bath bomb full of healthy minerals. Exfoliate with in house salt/sugar scrub. Nails are trim, shape, and buff along with cuticle care and sole conditioning. Relax with a moisturizing massage. Buff/Polish. Upgrade any of our pedicures with GEL products for an additional $20.

Vintage Pedicure


Our modern twist of classic pedicure. Your feet will first be immersed in a soothing, house blend essential bath bomb. A pumice stone or foot file is used to smooth away any calluses and rough areas. After an in-house honey salt scrub formulation for exfoliation, your calves and feet will undergo a deep tissue massage with application of a fragrant moisturizer. Finally, your nails are shaped and polished.

Candlelight Plaza

$54 for 45-mins

Named and inspired by the beautiful little neighborhood and its holiday lighting. Your feet is soak in a cinnamon bath bomb and followed by a cinnamon sugar scrub. Cinnamon improves blood flow to the surface of the skin, resulting in a moist skin. Your legs are then embraced by our house made soy wax candle massage and then dive into a paraffin dip, leaving your skin feeling like a baby’s tootsie. 



This was created expressly for men, but ladies are most welcome to the experience. Soak your feet in a house blend of essential oils bath bomb with chamomile to help relax the mind. Iron out your calluses, trim and buff/polish your nails, relish in a sugar coffee scrub.

Give yourself a reprieve from your constant hero work and reward your tired foot muscles with a warm stone massage with homemade hot oils. Legs are wrapped in warm towels to rejuvenate. Polish is optional.



Submerge your feet in our own citrus bath bomb surrounded by fresh orange slices, which have anti inflammatory properties to help swollen feet. Pamper yourself with a shoulder rub and a leg massage with our avocado sugar scrub. An orange peel mask helps give your legs a complexion boost, to match the beautiful natural glow of pregnancy.

Oak Forest


Sit back and unwind as we take you through “one of Houston’s best-kept secrets.” We start with an herbal infused soak of lavender and eucalyptus globulus oil bath bomb with slices of orange to help rinse away impurities as well as relieve sore muscles and joints. This is followed by a citrus rosemary salt foot scrub. After a refreshing “sole” cleansing, wrap up with a paraffin dip and shoulder massage. A treatment that will make you want to keep as a secret.



Whether you’re athletically-inclined or just always on your feet, this pedicure caters to you. With this detailed treatment, your nails are closely trimmed and more intense callus work is done. We bathe your feet in our unique, in-house herbal formulation to promote healthy, odorless feet. Your legs are rubbed down using our avocado scrub which contains over 20 vitamins and minerals, which helps to restore moisture lost through vigorous activities. There is greater emphasis on the massage using our house made soy candle wax, to properly ease your strained and overworked muscles.

Finally, exfoliate and smooths the skin with a honey coconut peel mask and paraffin soak for the feet.

The Ultimate Brush



This distinctive skin-smoothing treatment is both textured and soothing, created by an eccentric marriage of creamy coconut milk with a coffee ground and rose petal bath with cucumber and orange slices for exfoliation. Dead skin is removed using our refreshing cucumber mint sugar scrub. A honey coconut mask rich in vitamins and antioxidants will improve the color of your skin, leaving it so and radiant. Experience the ultimate relaxation with a loosening shoulder massage combined with a luxurious therapy for your legs with a homemade coco butter-soy wax rub, followed by a hot stone massage, then paraffin dip finish.