All pedicures include soaking the feet in a tub with a homemade bath bomb full of healthy minerals. Exfoliate with in house salt/sugar scrub. Nails are trim, shape, and buff along with cuticle care and sole conditioning. Relax with a moisturizing massage. Buff/Polish. Upgrade any of our pedicures with GEL products for an additional $20.

Vintage Pedicure

35 mins for $35

Our STANDARD pedicure that is above all other salon’s standards. Relax in a soothing house blend essential oil bath bomb soak filled with the finest and natural minerals. Nails are trim, shape, & buffed. Calluses and rough areas are smooth away. Exfoliate with an in-house salt scrub. A brief deep tissue massage follows by a warm towel wrap. Polish/Buff.

Can Cancer

$50 for 45-mins

You CAN, you WILL! Created for the fighters and survivors of cancer. Feet are bath in a house formulated bath bomb with cinnamon and ginger; the aroma will help ease nausea. Scrubs are OMITTED as it is not recommended for sensitive skin and massage is on the lighter side, but longer. Feet are then tenderly embraced by a fresh aloe vera mask and warm towel wrap. We understand that your body may be extra sensitive during and after chemotherapy, so please advise our technicians with any special instructions and precautions to take.


$55 for 50-mins

Created expressly for men, but ladies are most welcome to experience. Chamomile bath bomb soak, sugar coffee scrub, warm stone massage for heat therapy. Buff/Polish.


$58 for 50-mins

Submerge your feet in an infusion of fresh orange slices, which have anti-inflammatory properties to help swollen feet. Pamper yourself with a massage and avocado sugar scrub. An orange peel mask helps give your legs a complexion boost, to match the natural glow of pregnancy. The delicate fragrance of a refreshing green tea lotion will help to alleviate stress.

Oak Forest

$62 for 55-mins

Escape the forest with a Lavender bath bomb with slices of oranges to rise away impurities as well as relieve sore muscles and joints. This is followed by a citrus rosemary salt foot scrub and exfoliation. Paraffin dip for heat therapy. Sit back and enjoy a relaxing shoulder rub.


$67 for 60-mins

Whether you’re athletically-inclined or just always on your feet, this pedicure caters to you. Feet are bathe in our unique, in-house herbal formulation to promote healthy, odorless feet. Exfoliate with our avocado sugar scrub to restore moisture. There is a greater emphasis on the leg massage, to properly ease your strained and overworked muscles. An orange peel mask, paraffin dip, and brief shoulder rub prepares you for the next event.

The Ultimate Brush

$85 for 75-mins


This distinctive skin-smoothening treatment is both textured and soothing, created by an eccentric marriage of creamy coconut milk with a coffee ground bath and surrounded by roses and orange slices for exfoliation. Dead skins are scrubbed away with our refreshing cucumber mint sugar scrub. A coconut mask rich in vitamins and antioxidants will improve the color of your skin, leaving it soft and radiant. Relax your muscles and relieve tension with a warm Shea and cocoa butter rub, followed by a hot stone massage. A paraffin dip for deep heat therapy. Finish off with a shoulder rub. Polish/Buff.