Brush Box Nail Salon

Thinking Outside the BOX

There are many different types of brushes. Each brush serves a purpose, with its principal use as a fundamental instrument in the creation of beautiful works of art. Here at Brush Box, we consider ourselves brushes, with you our exquisite canvases on which we strive to produce masterpieces.

Beauty without the Beast

Our mission here is to create the most luxurious nail care experience each visit without sacrificing our customer’s health. Our inventory of polishes are “five-free,” meaning they’re free from formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, resin, and camphor. We sterilize and sanitize our equipment before and after each use. All pedicure liners, files, and buffers are discarded after each use to prevent any harmful bacteria, fungus, and infectious diseases.

Fruits and Vegetables

It is true, fruits and vegetables are good for you; eaten or when used on skin. Our signature treatments, which will rotate by season, with formulas created thru intensive research. Organic fruits and vegetables are blended in our house-made products which includes: salt scrubs, pedicure bath bombs, lotions, and moisturizing masks. If you don’t like eating them, we promise you’ll love what it can do for your skin.